Visio Divina

Visio Divina is a form of “divine seeing” in which we prayerfully invite God to speak to our hearts as we look at an image. Lectio Divina is a traditional way of reading a passage of scripture with the ear of the heart in which we invite the words of scripture to become very alive and touch our heart in spontaneous ways that lead us more deeply into relationship with God. Similarly, in Visio Divina we gaze at an image, present to it without any particular agenda, allowing it to speak to us in words or wordlessly with a divine voice.

As Gail Fitzpatrick-Hopler puts it:

Visio Divina facilitates a relationship with an image or subject, patiently being with it, receptive in mind and heart, perhaps even in dialogue with it. In stillness, we allow the image to reach beyond the intellect and into the unconscious level of our being, a place that can't be accessed directly. In wonder, we are invited to look at every aspect of an image and ponder it as an encounter with God. It is a way of seeing an aspect of ourselves in God at the non-verbal, heart level. The canvas then becomes alive with personal meaning meant just for us. This is the same movement of the Spirit we can experience with Lectio Divina and Scripture.

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