Welcome! This website is designed to support and inspire people who are filled with spiritual longing and interested in deepening their spiritual lives.  If you are full of doubt or unsure where you fit in spiritually, you are welcome here.   This site is full of information about contemplative prayer practices, exploration of different faith traditions, digital spiritual practice, reading suggestions, and ways to stay grounded while pursuing spiritual growth.

If you dream of a God more beautiful than anything religion has shown you, I promise you your dream is true.

I want to ask you, as clearly as I can, to bear with patience all that is unresolved in your heart, and try to love the questions themselves. . . . Live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps then you will gradually, without noticing it, someday live into the answers.

                                                  ~ Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet

This is what I mean by faith - not doubting in the sense of being in confusion and perplexity, but doubting in order to discover the reality of the life, the kind of doubt that makes you want to question and discover more, that makes you want to explore.

~ Anthony Bloom, Beginning to Pray

Note to a spiritual skeptic: I am not asking you to join me on this journey because I want to convert you to anything. I have no rules for you to follow if you come along, no promises of eternal rewards or threats of eternal punishments. To be honest, I don't even have a real idea of where we are going. In many ways, it is all a great mystery. And that's why I need you: to help me understand it, to question it, to discover what's really out there. The "it" is what I believe is the source of all life and searching for that source is what I call faith. So please think about my invitation. I don't want to convert you. I want to amaze you.

~ Bishop Steven Charleston

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