About Lindsay Boyer 

I am a spiritual director specializing in working with people like myself who are uncomfortable with institutional religion. I also work with clients who have more than one faith affiliation or no faith affiliation. In spiritual direction, we listen with the ear of the heart for the voice of the sacred. I was raised as an Episcopalian, and Christianity still forms the core of my faith. However, I have learned an enormous amount by exploring the practices of other traditions, in particular the meditation of Zen Buddhism, the worship and yoga of Hinduism, and the qigong energy work of Taoism. These practices have helped me to better understand and explore the contemplative traditions of Christianity, which have been neglected for centuries in the west but which are now being rediscovered in forms such as centering prayer and lectio divina.

I am an adjunct professor at General Theological Seminary in New York, where I teach on exploring spiritual presence and practice through digital media. At Union Theological Seminary I have taught on the psalms and on seeker spirituality. I lead a weekly centering prayer group on Tuesday nights at seven pm at Grace Church Brooklyn and am coordinator of Contemplative Outreach of New York City.  For many years I co-led March retreats at the Garrison Institute with my centering prayer teacher David Frenette and our colleague Steve Standiford. For six months I chanted daily passages from the New York Times interspersed with passages from the psalms at News of the World Lectio Divina


I have traveled on pilgrimage to the temples of India with the monks of the Saiva Siddhanta Hindu Church, studied Shambhala meditation through the level of Golden Key, and practiced qigong with Master Rong-Er Shen and Master Yi Wu.  I have a Bachelor of Arts from Princeton University, a Master of Divinity from Union Theological Seminary, and a Master of Sacred Divinity in Spiritual Direction from General Theological Seminary. In previous careers I have worked as a market researcher and jewelry designer.

I live in Brooklyn, New York with my husband Markley Boyer and our two dachshunds. We spend weekends in the Catskills, where I walk in the forest taking pictures and write illustrated books about the spiritual adventures of a mysterious character called the Rhinoceros Lady.


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Visiting the site of the original Delphic oracle in Greece.

Visiting the site of the original Delphic oracle in Greece.